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​Laundromat Prices for Wash and Fold or Laundry Pickup and Delivery

Our laundromat prices are affordable and competitive. Our in store laundry prices range from $2.75 to $7.00 depending on the size of the machine. All of our dryers cost $.25 for 6 minutes.

Self Service Laundry Pricing

  • Top Loader (6 Total) $2.75
  • 30 lb Washer (11 Total) $3.50
  • 40 lb Washer (6 Total) $5.75
  • 60 lb Washer (3 Total) $7.00
  • 30 lb Dryer (15 Total) $0.25 for 6 minutes
  • 45 lb Dryer (6 Total) $0.25 for 6 minutes
  • 75 lb Dryer (4 Total) $0.25 for 6 minutes

Too busy to do laundry? Try our wash and fold service. Just drop off your dirty clothes and we will wash them for you. Our wash and fold laundry service prices are well worth it because they save you time. The cost of laundry service is only $1.00 a pound for next day service. We will launder your clothes according to your preferences and return them to you the very next day. Or if you are in a rush our laundry services prices also include a same day rush option that cost $1.75 a pound.

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

**$15 Minimum Order

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

**$15 Minimum Order

If you compare our laundromat prices near Livonia to other laundromats, we are confident that our quality laundering is well worth the price.