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​Commercial Laundry, Linen, Towel, and Uniform Cleaning Services for Businesses and Industries near Livonia

If you own a business that generates dirty laundry, let us wash it for you. We will pick up your laundry, wash it, dry it, fold it, and return it to you the next day. Our commercial laundry service will cater to whatever industry needs us. We will work with restaurants, hotels, motels, airbnbs, gyms, schools, medical facilities, spas and more. Call us for a bid at: (734) 464-1268

Commercial Laundry and Linen Service for Hotels and Airbnb

You must try our commercial laundry if you run a hotel, motel or any vacation rental property. We will wash your towels, sheets, comforters, area rugs and whatever else you need cleaned.

Commercial Laundry Service for Medical Offices and Facilities

We know how important it is for medical facilities to be spotlessly clean. Let us help you maintain that by doing your laundry for you. Our linen cleaning service will take care of towels, sheets, scrubs, even uniform cleaning. And we will work with dentist offices, hospitals, veterinary clinics, assisted living facilities and more.

Commercial Laundry Service for Local Restaurants, Bars, Spas, and Salons

Our towel cleaning service is great for so many businesses. Restaurants and bars always need towels, table clothes, napkins, and sometimes uniforms washed. We can do that for you. Spas, salons, recreation centers and gyms also have towels and other items that need to be laundered. Let us be the ones to do that for you.